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EC Marketing For ALL has invited you to check out how Sezzle increases your conversions and cart sizes by enabling your customers to ‘buy now and pay later’ with interest-free installment plans.
Sezzle allows shopper’s to split purchases into four installments and pay over six weeks, interest free, all at zero risk to you

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It’s quick, easy, and approval decisions are instant.

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Choose from over 47,000 brands to shop at.

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Simply select Sezzle at checkout and complete your order.

Eligible Sezzle merchants can access:

  •  30-day introductory rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  •  new customers from sezzle’s marketing channels
  •  merchant and shopper support teams

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Financially Empowering the Next Generation
Sezzle is your stress-free solution to financial freedom.

Financially Empowering the Next Generation


EC Social Media Marketing For ALL

The digital age has fundamentally changed how people gather and consume information. Before consumers relied on companies to tell them what to buy and what to think about their products or services. Today consumers prefer to discover relevant information on their own and through friends (word of mouth) or resources (Social Media & Internet). Most importantly, people prefer to do it at their time, at their pace and whatever place is most convenient to them. Where you used to make sure you covered :prime time” or mainstream avenues, radio, TV or Print now You must be ready and available at a consumers fingertips ALWAYS.

The Pandemic accelerated  consumer culture and behavior demands even more of the fundamental consumer behavior and drastically changed how companies approach social media. Social media is much more than posting and sharing your content, praying that it  gets noticed, hopefully popular to get likes and followers the least not criticized as there’s always someone out there complaining about something and then there’s the high hopes of it going viral. If nothing of what you read makes any sense it’s ok we do and you can feel comfortable working with a team that has years of experience and success . We know and insist prayers work we’re glad you’re here, let’s build a strategic social media marketing plan helping build human connections with your customers, gain more visibility, increase the reach and engagement of the content to attain your busine ss goals.

We also understand your hesitance to use your employees younger nephew or family member that seems to live on social media but DON’T, strategically social media can be the ultimate way to grow inbound marketing. Creating and developing campaigns with unique and original content like the platforms you use for content will be very successful but require lots more experience and know how. EC Marketing For ALL LLC uses social media content with the understanding and directing its potential to shape consumer conversations, product/ service perceptions, build brand awareness and loyalty, we know it can attract partners and customers, our successful record gives us the ability to create brand ambassadors or affiliates to further your business development.

Give us a call to go over your current social media work and discuss better strategies to attain your business goals!

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EC Blog Marketing For ALL

Blog marketing is essential to build trust and increase site traffic.

  • Identify Your Blog’s Purpose
  • Determine Your Blog Goals
  • Map & Plan Content
  • Set Up Your Blog
  • Write Your First Blog Post
  • Promote Your Blog
  • Analyze & Optimize Content
  • Monetize Your Blog

Blog Marketing fails

Blogging can feel intimidating. Staring at a blank screen can seem incredibly difficult, especially when you’re starting alone. Let alone running a business full time and then there’s life! Writers block or plainly what to do first ! Give us a call so we can eliminate these daunting tasks and get you back to doing what you want to do and decided to go into business to do!

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Starting a Blog or thinking of out of the box ideas are our expertise. You wouldn’t call your plumber to fix your car, as you wouldn’t call a painter to fix your sink. We’re all professionals in our areas of expertise, give us a call to go over partnering with us and thrive!


EC Marketing For ALL LLC Oceanside, CA 760-542-8706 [email protected]