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You can manage everything from our mobile-friendly dashboard: DNS, domain contacts, nameservers, renewals and domain privacy. If you have web hosting with us, you can also manage email forwarding, catch-all emails and web forwarding.

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Anyone buying a domain name from any provider is required to provide correct contact details which are then added to the public, globally accessible WHOIS database. This information is often used by third parties for spam, scams, and selling on. You can prevent your contact details being listed in this way with our Domain Privacy service.

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Unlike others, we don’t discount the first year and raise our prices drastically in subsequent years. The price you pay year-on-year will remain the same great value.

Answering your Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Domains are registered at registry level as soon as you complete the checkout process with us. It can take up to 72 hours for a domain name to become visible on the internet as it globally updates. This applies for all domain names regardless of extension or registrar. However, in the majority of cases your domain name will be live within a few hours.
You don’t have to buy web hosting with us, but we strongly recommend it to take advantage of our powerful hosting platforms and seamless, trouble-free services that have all been carefully developed to work well together. You can find out more about our web hosting plans on our Web Hosting page.
Your domain name is set to renew automatically so you don’t have to worry about remembering it yourself! If you prefer not to auto-renew, you can change this from your control panel.